Yes the time on this post is correct. It is 3am and I am awake and on the computer. I really haven't been asleep tonight and I know I will pay for it, but alas the prospect of being in labor has me awake and happening. OK the happening part is a stretch cause lets face it our house is small and I certainly don't want to wake up Blythe and no point in waking up Jason until I KNOW it's labor. I have been timing contractions since about 10pm and they have been anywhere from 4-8 minutes apart and lasting for 30 second to a minute, but they are NOT painful at all. I never had 'early first stage' or 'pre-labor' with Blythe so this is a foreign territory for me. But I can now see how one might be able to play a card game or a game of yatzee, with Blythe it was a 5:30am wake-up call to full on painful(ish) contractions. Perhaps I slept through this part, but since I was awake when this stage started there has been no turning back. Somehow I convinced Jason that it was probably just nothing and he is in there snoozing away, but that is a good thing in case this all turns out to be nothing but pre-labor and I need him to be on duty tomorrow while I sleep :).

I know I really should be putting forth my best effort to sleep, but part of me doesn't want even the slightest chance of these contractions to go away. I have been waiting and praying for this for weeks now! I started writing down contractions at 11:45, I just had to get up and write them down just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind and because I don't think Jason had a chance in hell to fall asleep to me pressing the indigo light on my watch every 4-8 minutes :). I timed till 12am and then attempted to sleep.....that didn't happen so then I decided that I was hungry so I had a snack, drank some water and then tried to lay back down, but then I had the urge to walk around....hello where the heck am I going to walk around at 3am?? I know that is supposed to help speed up labor, but that isn't very realistic in this house at this hour.

Here is to hoping that these contractions pick up in intensity so this is full on labor and so this little one can come into the world on his or her own accord and not be forced out!

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