My first born is 5!

She's sassy, shy, bossy, girly, rule following, loving, silly, and smart, all rolled into one perfect 5 year old!

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I have lots to share about Kindergarten, but that will have to wait for another day...stay tuned.

My wonderful grandma of 8 years sent me this sweet note - made my day!

Your feelings are so beautiful...and so part of Motherhood.  Yesterday Greg started kindergarten, and now, all of a sudden, next year he will turn 60.  In between there are so many incredible memories that I will never lose, nor want to discard.  So..welcome to this wild merry go round.  You are doing such a beautiful job, as is Jason, that is will go on forever. And Jericho will follow, and then Amelie, and who knows who else.  But your heart will grow and quiver and grow and quiver with each day.  And if you are blessed, some day will have grandchildren and great grandchildren to watch and be amazed by what you see.  And so I wish you, Mother of Blythe, Happy Birthday Mom.

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