My First Kindergartener

6:00am I am woken up by Jericho who is so excited about Kindergarten she somehow woke up an hour earlier than she normally does.  I threw her in the middle of the bed and told her I still had 15 minutes before the alarm went off.  That 15 minutes felt like only 2 minutes as the wind chimes signaled that dreaded first day was here and yes I was forced to get out of the bed before 7am.  I walked into Blythe's room, gave her a gentle tap and whispered, "It's time, the first day of Kindergarten has arrived."  She sat up bright eyed and bushy tailed and quickly went to the kitchen table for breakfast just like we had rehearsed.  She excitedly ate breakfast and remembered all the things she needed to do to get ready without being prompted!  Within 20 minutes she was ready to go and asking if it was time to load the car.  I told her I needed a few First Day of School Pictures by the front door before we left, and she obliged.  Everyone needed a first day of school picture with Blythe!

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We took a little too much time taking pictures with Blythe and were in the car loaded and pulling out at 7:11am, crap..I wanted to leave by 7am.  If you know me, you know that the easiest way to instantly stress me out is to make me feel like I am going to be late.  I had to give myself a little pep talk "It's the first day, it is not worth stressing about, when you stress you get short and impatient and that is not the Mommy you want to be on the first day."  Luckily it worked and I went with the theory that they weren't going to mark us tardy on the first day and I didn't even know that we would technically be late.  We pulled up to the school just before 7:30.  Jason un-buckled Jericho and Blythe as I quickly changed Amelie out of her jammies and into a clean diaper, yes I took Amelie in on the first day in just a diaper because she wet through her clothes and I put her straight from the bed into the car seat.  As we were walking into the school building the first bell rang, signaling school would start in 10 minutes.  My heart was racing as we were walking at child's pace across the long lot and after saying hurry up, walk faster several times, I reminded myself, relax this is supposed to be an enjoyable moment, we will get there when we get there.  That worked for Blythe's pace, but I scooped Jericho up so we could walk beside Blythe.

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We had time for a quick picture in front of the classroom, and then we walked in and Mrs. Price greeted Blythe with, "Buenos Dias," and Blythe looked down shyly.  Mrs. Price showed Blythe were to hang her school bag and where to place her lunch box, then Blythe walked to her chair.  Just as I was snapping a quick picture of Blythe at her desk the final bell rang, signaling it was time for my departure.  I quickly told Blythe goodbye, that she would have so much fun, and I would see her soon.  As I was saying these words I got a little teary eyed, but no tears fell (YEAH ME).  I quickly kissed her and walked out of the classroom, I did a quick look back, but all I could see was the top of her head.  Somehow I put on my big girl panties that morning and managed to bid Blythe farewell on her first day of Kindergarten without shedding a tear.

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We kept ourselves busy with a run for mom, a morning nap for Amelie, gymnastics class for Jericho, lunch, then a quick afternoon nap before pick-up.  We were told that they would let the kids out early the first week of school so we arrived in plenty of time to be at the crosswalk when Blythe arrived.  Perhaps we arrived a little too early.  We expected Blythe to be at the crosswalk by 2:45, and at 2:50 we still weren't seeing any kids.  I began to get nervous and second guess my decision, what was I thinking having my Kindergartener walk to the crosswalk?  This was a horrible idea?  Luckily I had on sunglasses and I was able to wipe my tears before they fell below the shades.  Jericho kept asking me where Blythe was and why she wasn't here yet.  You could see worry on her precious face.  Suddenly the car lines started to move and there was a wave of big kids that came to the cross walk, then another wave, both the moms that were there when we arrived had already collected their children and had gone.  Tear my heart out and stomp on it.  Worst.  Feeling.  EVER!  Then finally in the distance I saw little people slowly walking down the sidewalk, and I spotted her!

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My tears of worry and sadness quickly turned into tears of joy.  I couldn't get that girl in my arms fast enough and when I did I squeezed her and hugged her and kissed her, you would have thought I hadn't seen her in a year!  But I'm new at this, at this whole leave your kid for a full day, let them be independent, but I'll get better, in time.

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