Stations, Fish Fry, and a Commune

This past Friday we went to Stations of the Cross and then a Fish Fry with the Hartl's and Romansky's. After the Fish Fry we retreated to the Hartl's. Little did we know that we would not leave the Hartl's till 3:30AM. The conversation was wrapping up about 1am when Thaddeous threw out the killer question "What negative thing would I need to know about you if I was considering living in a commune with you?" After each person put their confession on the table the rest of us would have to say whether or not it was a "deal breaker." It was very interesting and consiquently helped us all to dive a little deaper into each others "bad habbits." The end conclusion was pretty interesting as we saw that our bad habbits were most accepted and related to our spouces. I think I was the biggest outlier..by the end of the night it was clear that a commune was no place for me becasue I run a dictatorship! So now I refer to the Wilkes household as Monica's Commune. The next time you find yourself needing something to talk about try this one out and see where it leads you.

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