Crisis Averted

It is POURING outside (at least in Bryan). I went out to the washing machine (in garage) to put the diapers in and I thought I would let the dog in who was probably in the the pool room (connected to backyard and garage) b/c of the rain. I opened the door and no dog?? So I called for him, still no dog. So I thought there must be another place that is out of the rain by the shed. I opened the garage door to call him on the other side of the backyard and that's when I saw..................The fence has blown OVER...Great...I am the only one home, its pouring rain, I can't take Blythe out in the pouring rain to look for the dog. So I quickly grab Blythe and a towel and I am about to take Blythe over to the neighbors when here comes Luke (the dog) up to the front porch!!! Thank Goodness. That was a lot easier than I was expecting it to be.


When Jason got home he informed me that the fence was not blow down, but the large gate (for cars/boats) was open, I couldn't see this much detail standing in the garage in the pouring rain...I just saw a large gap. We were both surprised that strong wind could blow this gate open because it is not easy to open and close, but its better that is was just an open gate and not another repair job!

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