Yesterday Blythe and I went to the grocery store and purchased a pack of diapers for the first time. MAN those things are expensive. This is the first package of diapers that we have purchased and I just didn't realize how quickly using cloth diapers really paid off! I got a 34 pack of diapers for $10.99. Blythe usually goes through about 8 diapers a day so that would be roughly $10.99 every 8 days..yikes. Granted you can get them in bulk at sams for about .10 less per diaper, but we don't want to haul disposable diapers either. We plan to use disposable diapers while we are in Colorado so we don't have to take an extra suit case just for diapers. I want to try out the diapers to make sure she doesn't have a bad reaction to them; we wouldn't want to be stuck in Colorado with disposable diapers, a bad rash, and an unhappy baby.


  1. yeah!! I could never figure out how to comment on your old blog. blogspot is so user friendly. To answer your poll on the side: I'm a subscriber. So google reader just informs me when ya'll update it. I love reading and seeing pictures of Blythe. She looks so much like her daddy! Such a cute family.

  2. I became a subscriber recently, too! :)

    I don't care how economical they are... I still think washing poopy diapers SUCKS!! ;) but I'll probably change my tune when an econo-size pack or two breaks the bank!!