Bat in the Pool Room

The other evening I was putting the diapers in the washing machine and when I opened the pool room door I thought I saw something rather large flying around. I shut the door thinking maybe it was just a shadow and opened the door again...NOPE..something was definitely in there. I went inside and told Jason that there was something large flying around in the pool room and it was trapped b/c the sliding glass door was closed and I closed the pool room door. Jason didn't go outside immediately and I guess we forgot about it for a coupld of hours. Jason went out to the pool room for something and then he saw the large flying "thing" which he said looked like a gian flying cockroach. I told him I thought it was a bat. Jason took the video camera outside to see if he could video tape the "thing" through the glass pool room doors. Above is the first video he got.............

1 comment:

  1. ah!! that airplane sound in the background is appropriate, makes it extra creepy. Hope you didn't have to clean up bat poop! You've got enough poopy to clean up with your CLOTH DIAPERS!!! ;)-