Spring Break

For Spring Break we headed to Colorado to go snowboarding with the Wilkes Family at Copper Mountain. This was Blythe's first airplane ride and she did great!
Since Blythe isn't quite ready to hit the slopes we all tag teamed watching her. While Becky was on duty she fed Blythe rice cereal and taught her how to drink water from a cup. Blythe thinks it is SO fun.
Blythe would sometimes hang out at the bottom of the mountain in her snow suit!
When went out for Pizza and Blythe did her usual high chair "trick"

And this is the look we get when we say "Blythe, that's gross, stop"
We had a great trip and look forward to the next airplane adventure with our little one!
When we got back to DFW Blythe had her first Bubble bath:
And had a photo shoot on the pool table:
While we were packing for Colorado Momo had Blythe in the laundry basket and we caught her trying to pull herself up. When we got home Blythe pulled herself up on this toy and was very exciting to be standing solo! Blythe is now rolling around to get to toys and getting up on all 4's...we need to start baby proofing:

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  1. soon she will be WALKING!!!!!!!!! the snowsuit is soooooooo cute!!! how are you doing, Monica? We haven't talked in a while. Your vacation sounds AWESOME!! I'm sure it was needed. ;)
    Lots of love ---