2 week check-up and other happenings

This morning we had Jericho's 2 week check-up, never mind the fact that she will be 3weeks tomorrow. Apparently they do newborn appointments first thing in the morning or right after lunch and of course right after lunch is nap time so I opted to delay the 2 week appointment to wait for an early morning appointment. Jericho and I went back to bed at 6:15am and our alarm clock (Blythe) didn't getup till 7:45am so that left us with 25 minutes to get out the door. Luckily Jason I and were talented enough to pull it off!

For all the first time moms out there who have had to go through the dreaded 2 week heel prick just know that it is better the second time around. I was able to keep dry eyes and simply be the comforter instead of needing to be comforted. Jericho weighed in at 9lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches. The doctor said she looked perfect, of course we already knew that!

Starting Wednesday evening Jericho decided to go on a 24 hour nursing strike, which is a great way to stress a mommy out, even a second time mom. It just isn't right for your 2 week old to go that long without eating. So of course the 24 hours seemed to last forever and I tried not to stress out about it, but that was a frivolous effort. On Thursday morning I pumped and had Jason and Blythe give Jericho her first bottle just to ease my mind that she had something to eat. Despite Jericho's refusal to nurse we went about our 'normal' Thursday and hit up the Bryan library for story time. I think I needed story time more than Blythe this week, to get my mind off my non nursing infant and to talk/vent my mommy friends.


Once she decided to eat again she hasn't stopped! She was nursing every 3ish hours during the day and giving me 4-6 hour stretches at night. Now she is eating every 2ish hours during the day and only sleeping for 2-3 hour stretches at night. I guess this is a classic example of 'be careful what you wish for,' but I like knowing my babies are getting enough to eat and making their diaper quota.

We recently took Jericho for her first dip in the pool. At first she wasn't too sure about it since the water was cooler than the bath water, but it wasn't long before she seemed to really enjoy it. Although Jericho has been out of the womb and on 'dry land' for 2.5 weeks she seemed to instantly go back to the place she loved so much. When water splashed over her eyes she would just blink and look delighted to be in the water. Even when the water would go in her mouth or there was a splash by a nearby toddler she kept this calm collected look like she had returned 'home.' Which makes me wonder, if we still lived in the olden days, before induction, would Jericho have made her appearance by now?



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