Catching Up

Life with two is great, but life is busy. Busy is good for me, I like busy, but being busy also means some things go by the wayside. Being able to blog every day is one of those. I find myself throughout the day thinking 'oh I should blog about that, I want to remember this,' but if I am blogging during waking hours than I might miss a coo, a smile, a laugh, a coloring session, etc. So that leaves me with sleeping moments and let's face it this is a Mommy who sleeps when her kids sleep. I have actually lost a few precious minutes/hours laying in bed thinking about the memories that I should be writing about so I don't forget them so I have started writing down quick notes of items to blog about if given the chance.

One nap = a smidgen of an inch

Up until about a week ago our mornings started with a happy "mommy," coming from a jammied little one sitting up in her toddler bed waiting for open arms and a "good morning" from mommy or daddy. Then one nap time it all changed. I was woken by the sound of a closing door and the pitter patter of little feet as they made their way from the wood floor to the tile floor and then to the edge of my bed. I, pretending to be asleep, was woken by a tap and "Mommy, I'm awake, Blythe get in the bed." Why yes, you are awake and not only can you now somehow open doors, but you have decided that you can get yourself out of your big girl bed. Blythe devoted the rest of the day proving to herself and any other skeptics that yes she had grown that extra smidgen needed to open the doors. She made many, many circles around the house first opening the door to our room, then the bathroom, then her room, and then out the other door of her room to the hallway. Each time she make the circle she had a HUGE grin on her face and waited for me to acknowledge that she had made it all the way around again. The first circle had many sounds... Many attempts at each door knob to make them work, but after a few circles the sounds got fewer as she mastered the art of turning the door knob. Who knew so much could happen in just one nap.

Cinnamon Rolls

This could have been a long, very detailed post about these spectacular cinnamon rolls that Blythe and I made to take to our Bible study group, only to have them jump out of their container and onto the garage floor. Luckily for you that has been over a week ago so we have moved on and long forgotten about the tragedy of the cinnamon rolls. And for those of you who are wondering, no we did not take the cinnamon rolls to bible study to share the 'is that a spec of dirt or just cinnamon' with the group, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we did pick through those naughty cinnamon rolls when we got home and found several to salvage and get something from the fruits of our labor.


This seems to be a reoccurring theme for Jericho. Evicted from the womb at 42 weeks and now evicted from our room. This one is a LOUD sleeper. Blythe was loud and quite possibly just as loud, but I guess since this is my second round and I am not paranoid about whether Jericho is breathing and popping my head up over the side of the bassinet all the time, the grunting and groaning is no longer viewed as a nice way of knowing she's still alive and well. After several nights of thinking 'she must be about to cry and ready to eat, grunting that loud' only to find that when I got up to nurse her she really wasn't ready and then unable to fall back asleep for almost an hour because of the LOUD noises I decided it was dumb for the baby to be sleeping and not the momma. So evicted notice #2 was served and Jericho now happily and loudly sleeps in the living room. I move her bassinet out each night so she can grunt to her hearts content and I can get some sleep! Since our new arrangement she has been sleeping anywhere from 4.5 - 5.5 hour stretches and she pulled in a new record last night with a 6.5 hour stretch!

Just Like Mommy

Blythe is a great little Mommy to her babies. I guess prior to Jericho it never occurred to her that her babies needed to eat. No need to worry now though because they eat pretty much every time Jericho eats and they even get to nurse on both sides. Early on when I was switching Jericho to the other side Blythe would say "all done," and I said "no, she needs to eat on the other side." So now you will see Blythe hold her baby up to one side for a few seconds (she has some quick nursers) and then she will look at me and say "other one side," and move the baby to the other side. Each of her nursing sessions end with a good burp and sometimes they even spit-up and then Blythe has to get a "new one burp rag." I really need to try and capture this on the video camera because it's pretty hilarious and sweet.

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