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I saw this done on another blog and I think it is the perfect solution for someone who has a lot of things they would like to write about, but not enough time to get all their thoughts organized into a way to make them flow. I hate to wait too long to write about certain things knowing I will forget them, so I will unload these thoughts in a very choppy, stream of consciousness kind of way.......


Jericho is a great baby and is settling into her role as Thing Two very nicely. She is quite tolerant to Thing One shoving her paci into her mouth or being a little too rough when sharing her baby dolls who don't exactly have soft heads.

You can essentially set a watch by her 3 hour cycle. She eats and then is either up for and hour or two and then dozes off until the 3 hour timer goes off and she is ready to eat again. She does allow her 3 hour timer to lapse in the evenings and occasionally it goes off after 4 hours and then sometimes it malfunctions and goes off after only 2 hours, but we are working on that kink.

She is already showing signs of being a night owl like her dad. She sleeps great during the day and even during the night once she is committed to the night time, but she is not ready to commit to the night slumber until at least 11pm. But there is a positive side to this, this gives Jason and I several hours in the evenings to catch up with each other and have special time with Jericho. We usually spend this time chatting on the front porch.


When did she get so big? It's like we have gone from Toddler to little girl in a matter of weeks. She is now eating and entire Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich instead of just a half, talking non-stop, and answering questions with full sentences. For example:
Jason: "what did you do today?"
Blythe: "Bye, Bye to Mike's house and play with Mike's toys."
Jason: "Who else was there?"
Blythe: "Ian, Crissy, Robyn, Baby Isaac, Baby Anna"

Her hair is thicker, her legs are longer, her love is stronger...and the best, she now randomly says "love you mamma." Talk about melting your heart into a million pieces. She knows what love is and she knows how to express it and being the one on the receiving end is absolutely delicious!

She is also proving to be a smarty pants counting to 10. More often than not she neglects the 4 and the 9, but were working on that. She is also saying most of the ABC's....ABCHIJKLMNOPQRSWXYZ..so her alphabet isn't quite 26 letter...we'll get there.



Yes this picture is way over exposed, but I like it :)


Sunday mass is always a great way to start out the week, but then there is the occasional Sunday where you really feel the message/song/prayer is exactly what you needed. This was the case for me this past Sunday. We usually attend 9am mass, but our household didn't surface till 9am on Sunday so 11 o'clock it was. At 10:20am Jason threw out the possibility of taking a family photo after mass since Jericho was almost a month old and we still don't have a picture of the 4 of us. I just looked at him and said that I would need more notice than that, but of course I was still trying to make it happen..feeling guilty that we didn't have a family photo. 15 shirts later it was clear that it just wasn't going to happen and my stress level was through the roof. The reality is that nothing masks the donuts (for those of you who don't know what I am talking about that is another post for another day) and adding a shirt over the nursing tanks seems to almost make it worse. The best option was black so I went with that and off we went. As we were driving in the car I was having a mental pity party for about 2 minutes when I changed gears...remembering a story that I have been following about a child who seemed perfectly healthy until one doctors visit where they found out she had a very aggressive cancer and she returned to heaven within about 4 months of this tragic news. I pulled up my big girl panties and decided that if my cross to bear was wearing donuts and for my tops to look partially like I am stuffing and partially like I just have some weird lumpy stuff going on, so be it. O.K. I am getting to the point about Mass...one of the songs we sang was "The cross that we bear," which was very fitting and helped me to feel better about the odd looking top and then when I had a random let down in the middle of mass and I felt the moisture, I just kinda chuckled and sang a quick "cross that we bear," line in my head.


Photobucket Silly me to stress about my top..that's the perk of having an infant, they can mask any remaining pregnancy belly and funny looking boobs too! I can't decide which one I like best, so I had to put them both.

Ribs With Daddy

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words so here are a couple thousand:




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