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Homemade Funnel Cake!


Why in the world did I decide to make funnel cake?

The other day when we were cooking up the homemade pasta I got a whiff of that carnival funnel cake. You know the one that you can smell from yards away and you somehow justify the over prices, over caloried, over fried goodness of a funnel cake, because after all you are at a carnival or perhaps the renaissance festival and its only once in a long while. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a funnel cake because I probably wasn't able to swallow down the 'over-priced' sugared goodness, but once that smell invaded my nostrils I lost control and headed to google. I figured it would be something really hard to make and I would probably need a deep fryer and other items that I didn't have, but to my surprise it was really easy to make and it tasted surprisingly similar to the carnival style. My craving was satisfied and we have a new funnel cake lover, Blythe.

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