Sad Eyes

Oh the sad, droopy eyes. The eyes that are so sad you have to look away to prevent your own eyes from watering. Jason and I had yet to experience the sad, droopy, can hardly keep them open, yet can't close them eyes. I think these are the eyes that say "yes I am really sick, really feeling awful, and it is o.k. to wait on me hand and foot." These are the eyes that for the first time I can say Jason was completely wrapped around Blythe's finger in a 'that's my little girl' kinda way. Jason sat and rubbed her back, and watched movie after movie, and tried so hard to get a small chance at a smile by making Blythe favorite snack...popcorn. These says eyes are stubborn and really sucked the happy little toddler away from Blythe. She became the stuck on the couch despite really wanted to play toddler. She would stand up with all the energy that she had, start to walk towards something, and then turn her head back to the couch with a whimper that said it all 'I want to play, I want to smile, I want to laugh, but I can't.'

We have had a long December with sickness after sickness and it looks like January is trying to compete, but I have declared we are done, DONE with sickness. When Blythe woke up this morning I proclaimed that we were all better, no more whining, no more feeling bad, we were having friends over and we were sending all this sickness to the curb. It took about an hour for my attitude to rub off on Blythe, but we had a 10am play date and she played, and laughed, and talked, and we saw the really lively Blythe that was taken over by sad eyes for far too long.

Listen up colds, flu, ear infections, anything but a clean bill of health, we played your game, you made us miserable for an entire month, and were calling you out and sending you far, FAR away.

Here's to a really healthy 2011!

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