GOOO Jericho!


I was cooking dinner and out of the corner of my eye I saw the pictures you see above and I thought 'that is a great pictoral representation of life in the Wilkes' household for the last couple of days.'  Barely get inside the door and shed your clothing from the waste down.

Little Miss Jericho was showing interest in the potty and would ask to sit on the potty. I was only listening with one ear since potty training was not in the plan for another 2 months, and you know I'm a planner. Luckily for Jericho she has two parents and Jason was listening with both ears. He convinced me that I should give her a shot and see how it goes. I knew he was right I just didn't know how my 'no pants' method was going to work in a 64 degree house..yes you read that right we keep our thermostat at 64 degrees :)

So I decided to give her three days and see what happened, but really I was thinking o.k. I am agreeing to three days of cleaning up poo and pee in various places around the house followed by a big "I told you so," to Jason. Sister proved me wrong. The first day we had our fair share of accident, but by the second and third day there was a clear picture (and by picture I mean chart since I was writing down each time it happened) showing she was learning and progressing. If Jason were writing this he would say that the charts would lean a lot more towards the 'potty' side than 'accident' side during those first few days had I not made the dreadful mistake of bringing down the little potty WITHOUT the potty table. So by the third day and the potty table we were essentially accident free while at the house.

When I potty trained Blythe it was just the two of us so it was a lot easier to do nothing for 3 days, but we haven't had that luxury with Jericho so despite my intuition that doing some time in diapers (outside of sleeping) and some without could only be confusing, that is how we have been doing it. BUT Jericho has told me that she needs to potty even while out and about and in the diaper so now I need to make the leap of faith and allow her out and about in panties. So naturally I have a plan, as of Friday after nap we will be diaper free except for sleep time and Jericho will get to wear her first set of panties. Assuming all goes well as of Friday we will have 2 little ones in panties...WOW that all happened a lot sooner than I had planned, but we're going with it!

Super Cute Sister Moment

Jericho had a bad run-in with the infamous potty table and Blythe held the boo boo bunny on her foot for about 5 minutes and Jericho actually let her!

Jason and Jason Jr.


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  1. That is too cute of Jericho and Jason.