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Thurs Dec. 29th AM

A balmy, sunny day in Boerne, TX - 70 degrees. Monica took the new mud pie making equipment to the yard. Blythe, Jericho & I (Mamo) made mud pies with decorations of leaves, sticks & mountain laurel seeds.

Lunch outside.

After lunch Jericho went to the mud pie mixer with a cup, tried to dip it in the bowl but mixer in the way, raise the mixer, insert cup, mixer falls, cup doesn't fit, raise the mixer try again, mixer falls, raise the mixer, this time with more force (3rd times a charm) fills her cup with mud & muddy water most pleased with herself, turns, cup in hand to walk to the rock sidewalk to pour her mudpie with the others..... Interception, Blythe appears & tries to relieve Jericho of her cup - results muddy water in Blythe's face & mud on her head & mud behind Jericho's ears. Both wailing. At this point Monica & I were standing at the door laughing! Monica stepped out & said to Blythe that's Karma!

After wiping off some of the mud they got an early bath.

I'm sure glad I have my mom to journal some of the laughable moments at our house when I forget.

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