Home Coming

Home Coming...how sweet it is.  Both the girls seemed a little taller, hair a little longer, a little thicker.  My ever expressive Jericho seemed even more expressive.  And Blythe, completely unprompted, continued to tell me how much she loved me and how she missed me SOO much, but didn't cry while I was away.  We cheated the 2 books before bed system, read books together a little longer, sang a few more songs, lingered during our good night hugs and kisses.  Oh how I missed them.  And it continued today with Jericho in my arms, now fully able to sit on my every growing belly and hold me tight around my neck and lay her sweet little head on my shoulder.  Blythe was eager to show me all the 'very special' things she made for me and was very ready for a craft-filled day with Mommy.

So we have cut, and colored, and played memory, and lego's, and never worried once about picking up after ourselves, and despite the fact that the house looks like a tornado came through it, I love it, and I missed this, and its exactly what I needed.  Eight days without my littles is a LONG time.  Eight days without Jason is a LONG time, the fact that he had to turn around today and head to Austin for a conference is super sucktastic, but I will make up for it with lots of time with my girls.

The eight days away, my oh my, how they were intense.  I knew what I was going to get trained for, but I had no idea of the depth and knowledge I would gain and be expected to perform.  The training had a mid-term and a final and WOW I knew God was amazing in how he designed the human body, but then his amazing creation, those super smart scientists, and lots of research, and our cognitive ability make an awesome combination.  We obviously knew the system worked as we have used it with 100% success both to achieve and avoid pregnancy for the entire 7 years of our marriage, but all of the gynecological insights one can gain from charting is awesome.  The way these Creighton NaPRO technology doctors have been trained to treat women for various things by just treating the symptoms and not putting a band-aid over it (like the pill) is also incredible.  For any of you that have been looking for a natural method (NOT the calendar rhythm method) or are un-happy with their current method (artificial hormone or not) look into it, ask me questions, pick my brain, ask me to give you an introductory session, I dare you, you will be amazed :)

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