She loves it

My girl, she L.O.V.E.S school.  I had prepared myself that she might not have a lot to say after a school day and that I would have to be o.k. with not knowing exactly what she was doing every second of the day, but preparation was not needed.  My girl loves to tell me all about her school day.  From the simple things like the marker rules (always put the lids back on because we don't want to be left with just brown and black), crayon rules (don't twist them up too high because they will break), and playdoh rules (don't mix colors), to all the little details of who she played with and what they played on the playground.  She tells me all about the centers and how her favorite center is the playdoh center, which honestly I was surprised because I just knew she spent all her center time in the baby zone. 

Her teachers tell me "she is SO sweet," which I am guessing is a compliment neither Jason's mom nor my Mom was given.  We're just not the "sweet," type.  When I picked her up from Spanish on Tuesday her Spanish teacher told me, "She is such a great kid, she just loves to learn."  Talk about a proud Mommy moment! 

As long as the Tuesdays and Thursday can be without my first born I am happy to hear she is doing so well and how much she loves going to school.  I have to stay focused on that because when I think about the reality that this is just the beginning of school days and all that time spent away from mom, it makes me sad.  It's hard to go from four years of constant time with someone to 11 less hours per week.  I try to enjoy the one on one time Jericho and I have on Tuesday and Thursday's before #3 arrives, but it seems like we barely get Blythe dropped off, volunteer or attend book club before it is time to eat lunch have a rest and collect Blythe again.  I am beginning to think that I needed this preschool transition before the big Kindergarten year more then Blythe did. 

Give your babies an extra kiss and squeeze tonight, they grow up TOO fast, but I guess that's one reason to keep having more :)

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