Labor Day

As of August 27, 2008 the meaning of labor forever changed in my eyes and I still can't help to think about the laboring women when I first hear the word labor. Clearly it wasn't THAT bad since I signed up for it again in July of 2010 and have signed up for a third round come November, but it is certainly a different kind of labor than what our nation celebrates on labor day. BUT the gift that comes from that labor is SO much better than any other kind of gift. Thanks to my iphone pictures, I am reminded of all the little things we did this week.


We turned a bag of cherries into a homemade cherry pie and took it down the street to the new neighbors. Blythe and Jericho got stellar scores at their 2 and 4 year check-ups, they scored the visit pretty low after the shots :(. Blythe helped me make dinner, I finished painting the ceiling of the newly renovated bathroom, and have a hat and one sock finished for the boy set, just in case God decides to change it up on us this time. It is never a question of who has stolen the phone because regardless of which little fingers swipe it they can't resist taking pictures and leaving indisputable evidence.


We spent labor day in Austin with Uncle Gregg, Aunt Lori, Ladi, Papa, Aunt Melinda, Nay Nay, and Caitlin. It was so un-laborious that I didn't manage to pull the camera out once, but I did think to grab a quick video of our little fish!

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