Still SICK

Today marks day 6 of this nasty cold.  I was supposed to have another 6 months before the sleepless nights kicked in, but the last 6 days night have given me a taste.  I am lucky if I can sleep for 4 hours in a row.  Since all medication is out I have resorted to the old remedies (gargling with salt water, salt up the noise).  The most entertaining has been learning to use the Nasal teapot and Nasaline.  .  The instructions show a girl in front of the mirror smiling while "flushing out her noise."  Clearly this chick is not really in the act of flushing out her noise because there is nothing to smile about.  It is the same feeling you get when you get water up your nose in the swimming pool.  Not to mention that it is incredibly difficult to tilt your face just right so that the water goes in one nostril and out the other.  It is NOT difficult to get the water to go in one nostril and down your throat (YUCK).  Needless to say it did clear my nose up for a decent amount of time and it was helpful enough that I got up at midnight and used it again.  Thank you Grammy (Becky) for the Nasal Cleaning Pot.  

Apparently Jason has no problem using the nasal cleansing pot.....see below!

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