Yesterday's Adventure

We went into town, Springsure about 40 minutes away, to take Macaulay to the Dr.  Before we left she went to the doctor and they took a throat swab and were supposed to inform her of the results by Friday.  They called back on Saturday (we were already on our way to Australia) to say that the streap throat test had come back positive.  Well this could mean that you have it or you don't, but we wanted to get Macaulay better as soon as possible so we took her into the doctor.  It was your typical small town doctor like you see on TV, office out of a house.  The doctor said that it did not look like she had strep throat and more viral.  While we were there he informed us of how to overdose on Tylenol (interesting information).  He said that Tylenol is the least harmful of all the asprin, advil, etc, except when tripling the dosage, then it destroys your liver.  We have NO idea why we were given this little lesson, but anyway part of the story. We then went to the Chemist (what they call the pharmacy) to fulfill the prescription.  We dropped it off and headed down the street to the little grocery store.  There was an Australian pub on the way so we duct in to see what it looked like.  It was a typical European pub.  At the time we didnt realize it, but Jan noticed that the chemist was in the pub.  We continued onto the grovery store.  This would be our version of a 711 type store, but this is the small town not the big town of Emerald where they do most of their grocery shopping. After the grocery store we walked back to the Chemist to pick up the prescription.  The Chemist was there and was attempting to run mom's credit card.  He said, like all the places do over here, "Debit, Credit, Savings, or Checking."  Mom said "Credit" and he pushed the debit button.  It was taking a while to run through so he went ahed and flipped the card over and noticed that mom had not signed her card.  He told her she needed to sign it and she said "I dont sign my cards," and she took out her drivers license and he looked at it for several minutes.  Then a piece of paper printed out of the machine and he told mom "your card didnt work," mom saw the piece of paper and it said "modum not connected."  So mom informed him that it was NOT her card, but his connection.  He mosied on to the back of the store and then came back and said "oh, the phone was off the hook."  Time for ROUND 2.  He again asked mom Debit, Credit, Savings, or Checking."  and mom answerd the same.  He pressed DEBIT and then asked my mom "savings or checking," she said "It is a CREDIT card."  Right about that time the machine printed another piece of paper that said "account number not found."  By this point mom had steam coming out of her ears and I was about ready to take the machine from the old man. Mom made the comment that she had just used it next door at the doctors office so he decided to try it one more time.  FINALLY he pressed "credit" and it went through.  He turned moms card over AGAIN and then asked "Whose Claudia" and mom said I am.  He said you need to sign your card and again she said I dont do that.  He was like well I cant verify your signature.  She took out her drivers license AGAIN and he stared at it and then mom pointed to the signature and he said "well I guess it looks kinda the same, but I thought you were claudia (slur, slur)."  At the time we did not realize that he had been at the pub, but once Jan made that comment we were like OH that explains it he was DRUNK.   Luckily the drugs Macaulay needed were pre-packaged otherwise she might have been getting more than she bargained for. 

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