WOW....I sure was surprised this afternoon.  My boss send me the following e-mail:
I want to get a notion about cameras and audio recorders. Since you are going to be gone for some time, let's go to Best Buy about 11:20 so you can educate me. I will have you back here by noon so I won't cut in to your lunch.

Since Jason and I spent an hour and a half at Best Buy yesterday picking out a camera for ourselves, I figured I would just give her the research.  I still had the price comparison sheets in my purse!  [O.K. so I decided what was the harm in getting the video camera a few months before the baby arrives so I could take it to Australia AND learn how to use it of course! ]

I showed her all of this and explained it and she still wanted to go to Best Buy so I figured she just wanted to get out of the office and chat.  So we go to Best Buy look at the Camera's (that takes about 15 minutes) and then she wants to look at the digital voice records and then palm pilots, etc.  I was getting a little suspicious at this point, but a surprise didn’t really cross my mind, just that this was kinda strange.  

On the way back from best buy Jason called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch so I said sure, I will be there in about 7 minutes.  When I got to the office he was upstairs so I figured I would go upstairs and go to the bathroom and then we would head out.  I look in my office and NO Jason and then Kathy said "I think he's in here," I walk into the kitchen and SUPRISE there are the faculty members hosting a surprise congratulations party for me!  What was great was the that pregnant information had not filtered through the office like I thought it would and I had been talking to Jessica about how I was going to reveal the news and this took care of that.  

Jessica sent the following e-mail on Tuesday:
We will have a surprise send-off for Monica on Friday at 12:00 in the kitchen!  Shhh!  If you have class then, we will save some cake for you!
She is leaving for a much-deserved vacation in Australia. It’s hard to imagine two weeks without her, so let’s send her off with good memories and a sweet taste in her mouth.  ;)
What was so great about this is the faculty thought it was a send off party so they got a surprise Monica is pregnant as well.  As soon as I get a picture of the cake I will put it up because it was too cute.

Today has been a GREAT day!

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