First Major sign on pregnancy - not for the weak stomach

I had a business council meeting this morning and they always have kolache's so I figured I would wait to eat till the meeting at 8:30......BIG mistake. I usually eat right when I get up.  Around 7:40 I started to feel bad (not nauseous just ready to eat) so I headed to the cabinet where there was a box of Oats and Honey bars.  I cant get my hand in the box so I rip the side and then NOTHING, empty box..THANK YOU Jason for leaving an empty box in the pantry.  So my next move was towards the fridge for a yogurt.  I got the yogurt out and then gaggged..next thing I know I am throwing up in the sink, not much cause my stomach was empty.  I yell "Jason, I need you," he jumps out of the bed like the good husband he is and is immediately at my side.  Once I ate the yogurt I was fine.  I sure hope that this was just a crazy fluke and a lesson to eat right away when hungry and NOT a sign of morning sickness kicking in especially since I am supposed to be past that stage!  Here's hoping!  

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