Week 11

Fetal development in pregnancy week 11:fetus in third month Maybe you’ve noticed… your baby is a super-duper grower! Your lil' fetus will be gaining a substantial amount of weight this week and has already achieved fruit-size-status comparable to a plum. What's more, your little scientist is already starting to explore their body, focusing most intently on touching their head, and especially their face and mouth. Their mouth in particular will provide them with hours of entertainment. This happens not only because your baby is gaining coordination, and is therefore able to move a hand on command, but also because their palms have gained sensation and can actually “feel” what it touches.They're also developing their swallow reflex this week. And lastly, your baby's smelling and other olfactory senses will begin developing this week, which when combined with the maturing taste buds, will provide your baby with their first experiences of taste and smell.

Hum, it says that the baby will gain a substantial amount of weight this week, I wonder if that will be the same for me?  I am amazed that the baby inside me can already move their limbs around and exlore their face.  Our next sonogram isnt until 18 weeks so we will have to wait another 7 weeks to see the baby in action!  

My  cold is finally showing signs on leaving.  I was able to sleep from 9-5 last night and this morning my throat feels great and now it just all in my noise.  I hope it is almost out the window tomorrow for PreCana. 

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