Baxter, No More Blow

Today I had a NAFSA conference in Plano, TX so Mamo and Aunt Jalyn took care of Blythe. Blythe enjoys playing with all of our old baby dolls and stuffed animals, but she is NOT fond of Baxter. Baxter is a happy birthday doll that used to have a bazooka that you put in his mouth, squeezed its belly, and air came out of his mouth and played the bazooka. The bazooka has gone by the way side, but Baxters tummy is still full of air. Jalyn squeezed Baxter to make him 'breath' and Blythe freaked out "no, no, no blow." We asked her if he needed to go to time out and she promptly replied "yes, time out, no more blow." Baxter had to sit in time out for a long time and every time she walked by him she would scold him "No more blow." I really wasn't sure if she was even willing to pick him up, but after an hour or so she made amends and he got to get out of timeout. I think toddlers just might be the funnies people!


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