Immersion Day 3

Today there was no potty timer and no strongly encouraging her to sit on the potty at certain intervals. It was simply a here's the potty you know what to do and what your rewards are. When I saw her doing her potty dance I would say "do you need to sit on the potty," if she said no then I would just remind her that if she felt tee tee coming she needed to tell mommy and go to the potty.

She only had ONE accident all day long and as I looked back over my notes from yesterday and today, I noticed that the 3 accidents she had in the last 2 days were all when she was wearing big girl underwear. I don't know if it is because they are cloth and she is used to the cloth diapers or if it was just coincidence, but somehow we are going to have to graduate from being a nudest to weraing clothes and still using the potty!

She certainly knows how to hold (almost too well) it and knows when its coming. She will hold it until she literally can't hold it anymore. Then she will sit on the potty and still try to hold it (literally) and I had to remind her that she was on the potty and that is where we want to put the tee tee, then she would relax and go. Poor thing, it almost seems like she is trying to not tee tee.

Overall I think today was a lot more relaxing for both of us. I didn't hover over her which was good for her (she likes her Blythe time) and good for the house (I did some cleaning and some projects of my own) and she was still successful.

When we go bye bye we put on a diaper, but I remind her that she can still tell me if she feels tee tee coming. We took a quick trip to Target (left right after she potted) and her diaper was dry when we returned. She has still had a dry diaper when she wakes up from her nap and promptly goes to the potty.

I think we are off to a good start. Now to find the balance between keeping her on the track she is on and still getting out and about with friends before we are accident free.


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