Immersion Day 2

Overall we had another very successful potty training day, but upon reflection I think I was too overbearing today. I think I was hypersensitive to her having an accident, not because I didn't want to clean it up or cared, but because of how she reacted after she had an accident yesterday. I felt like she did a fantastic job for day 1 and because she had the accident last thing and then asked for a diaper I was afraid she was getting discouraged. I totally overcompensated.

I feel like we spent the entire day in the bathroom. Jason made a table where she could color and play with playdoh on the potty. She was happy to sit on the potty and color and play playdoh with mommy, but by the end of the day I was exhausted. I think I literally gave her my un-divided attention ALL day. It was like back in the baby can move and inevitably find something to put in his/her mouth (despite all the child proofing) so you have to watch them like a hawk. I guess I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss any signs and we made the bathroom so much fun that the toilet essentially became a seat where we played. At one point Jason was reading her a book and she walked off (we don't make her stay on the potty, only if she wants to) and then Jason got distracted doing something else in the bathroom and when he looked over he saw there was tee tee in the potty. Apparently she had walked in, done her business, and walked out, no big deal, no fuss, no look what I did, just left it and went on. I think this was Blythe's way of asserting her Independence and showing us that she's got this.

O.K. baby I hear you mommy hovered too much and needs to let you take the reigns, its a learning process for me to, we'll try a more stand-back approach tomorrow.



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