A Crap Thursday

Thursday mornings are one of Blythe's favorite mornings because of story time at the library and she loves to sing the songs she hears at story time. Jericho woke up a little late on Thursday so we were a little behind. I had Jericho in the car seat and was finishing buckling her up when 'plop,' [followed by a quick look up in the tree] and a "seriously, is it going to be one of these kind of days?" Jason was still home so I quickly called him from his slumber so he wouldn't miss out on this rare occasion (or so we hope). As I was carefully threading Jericho into her car seat, not once thinking about what could happen when standing under a tree, a squirrel decided it was time for him to do his business. Yes, Jericho, at just 3 months old, was pooped on by a squirrel. We lucked out and it landed on her jacket and the car seat strap. My initial instinct was to stop and take a picture, but we were already pushing our limit on time and one of Blythe's favorite songs is sung at the beginning of story time so it was a quick wipe down with a paper towel, and the decision to leave her strapped in and shuck the jacket upon arrival. I guess this is a lesson about putting babies in car seats, or really doing anything for that matter, under a tree.

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