The Things You Don't See

I am not the mom who checks in on her kiddos before going to bed or through the night. I say goodnight we close the door and we see them the next morning. This weekend we have been converting Blythe's room into Blythe and Jericho's room. Moving Blythe into the closet, yes you read that right Blythe now sleeps in the closet. But it's not just a closet, its a nook, and its neat, and it has a new bed, just ask Blythe. Which means that Jericho can now sleep in a full crib and she no longer has to sleep in the main room with all the racket and commotion. So now that the changing supplies are in the girls room I had to sneak in to get the wetbag to wash diapers. Prior to this I had heard Blythe talking in her sleep and heard her say 'no,no," but I didn't think anything of it. I slowly turned the handle (you know the way you all do when you are trying to open the door without making a sound) and opened the door to find Blythe laying right beside her bed with her head straight down on the metal transition strip (remember she sleeps in the closet)..Ouch. Being the super laid back mom that I am I went and got Jason to come have a look and then he went for the camera. Well that was a kodak moment missed because by the time he got back with the camera she had already moved herself back into her bed. So now I am wondering what all does this chick do in the middle of he night? Does she do this routinely? Is she going to be a sleepwalker? or is this just the adjustment of sleeping in a new area?? I guess now I might be a peeping Tom to settle my curiosity.

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