27 Weeks and Food

This afternoon I had my 27 week check-up. I had strategically made my appointment for 3:20 which is just enough time after nap to get a snack and pile the kiddos into the car. The kink I was not prepared for was Jason not wanting to go. I mean, I get it, its all of a 10 minute check-up where you get weighed, blood pressure, they measure your belly, listen to the heart beat and voila your done, but accomplishing those things being done on you with 2 babies to take care of??

I lucked out and Lauren let Blythe come over for a play date with Oslo round 2. I dropped Blythe off at Oslo's at 3 and then Maddie and I headed on to the appointment. I always have this fear that I have exceeded my weight quota and by 'my quote' I mean the weight gain that, in my head, is acceptable. The notion that I should only gain 4 pounds a month and that shouldn't start till week 16 or so, putting me at a total weight gain of around 25 pounds. I was right on target with my quota with Blythe and I am hoping for a repeat and not a surge of balloon pregnant lady. As I step on the scale, half holding my breath, and half thinking light thoughts, its on kilograms and lets face it I can't convert it that fast, then the nurse reaches for the scale and presses the lbs. button and voila...4 pound EXACT increase...wheew another month I am 'on target.'

I never fret much about my blood pressure as that has always been good and has never fluctuated so the rest of the appointment is pretty uneventful. My doctor tells me that he owes me a few extra visits because I am the text book patient. Weight gain, measuring, blood pressure, heart beat are all right on target, as always. I told him that I don't being the text book patient and I would like to keep it that way. Somehow we got to talking about 'pregnancy symptoms and how I don't have any of those (sans the growing belly) and he said "well you probably have some of them, but you have such a positive outlook that you don't notice them." I love that my OB knows me well enough to see that about me and I think he's right. I think, to some extent, you can determine how your pregnancy goes. We talked about those women who see the 9 months of pregnancy as a license to complain about everything and blame everything on the pregnancy. They are probably the same ones who think they can eat anything and everything they want during pregnancy and aren't impressed when the extra pounds are still hanging around a year later.


I am not big on traditional holiday food, you know the ham, turkey, dressing, etc. So I decided that we would have brunch for Easter so I wouldn't rock anyone world by having enchiladas or something totally nontraditional, but still wouldn't have to serve the mundane holiday food. I picked out a few quiche recipes online and I must say they turned out fantastic. The best part of it was that I had purchased the ingredients and left the recipes out and the food magically made itself! O.K. so the magic happened by Becky and Claudia and a few other helpers, but I must say that worked out GREAT. I think the only meal I ended up really being a part of was the home made pizza on Saturday and that was only feeding 8 people not the 17 we had on Easter Sunday.

In case you are in need of some good brunch recipes here are the links to the ones we made:

Zucchini, Bacon, and Gruyere Quiche - we used Asiago instead of Gruyere
Sausage and Red Bell Pepper Quiche - we roasted the peppers on the grill the night before instead of sauteed
Baked French Toast


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