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Whatever you do, do NOT come between this girl and her 'sparkle' shoes. At the beginning of her shoes determination she stumbled upon these sparkle shoes at Ms. Marcy's house. She was instantly successful with these because they are 3 sized too big, making plenty of room for toddler food jamming error, but yet success in the end. Marcy's little one had already outgrown them so she sent them home with Blythe and they are her FAVORITE.
If you think that you get to pick out the shoes that she gets to wear you are WRONG. She doesn't always pick her sparkle shoes, but you can bet that IF her pink shoes are going match her outfit or her white sandals, she is going to demand the brown ones. Oh well, is there really anything cuter than toddler fashion?

Thursday evening Jason's professor had his annual graduate student BBQ where all the graduate students bring their families and significant others to enjoy time outside of the lab and the couple of acres they live on.

This little girl LOVES her daddy! After studying the water from the doc Blythe and Jason decided they needed to take a ride in the Canoe.

O.K. so she still only has a mullet going, but it has the cutest curls and is the cutest shade of blond, if you ask me :)
After playing in the water, feeding the fish, dangling off the doc, and a canoe ride, we had one tired toddler.

Blythe and I are off to DFW so have a great weekend!

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