"It's Always Something"

This is a phrase that I use a lot and I am pretty sure that every time I recite it Jason cringes a little because he just hates the phrase, but hey, it's true. About 8 months ago the little push buttons on our dishwasher slowly started to go out. We once had options such as "pots and pans, heavy, medium, light, rinse only, heated dry, etc." By the time I pulled out the owners manual to look up the warranty information we were down to "heavy and heated dry." The economical side of me, o.k. its more like 3/4 of me than one side, but you get the gist, was not o.k. with having to run the heavy cycle and use heated dry. Heck if we line dry our clothes we certainly aren't going to give our dishes the preferential treatment of a heated, steamy dry after a good wash. We lucked out and even though our dishwasher was slightly out of warranty we got the new parts for free and Jason installed within minutes. This is a good outcome to an "always something."

Just after Easter our toaster oven decided that toasting was over rated and that after 4.5 years it was done. GREAT...another something. Jason is going to take a look at it to see if he can fix it, but I see a new toaster oven in our future. Heating up the entire oven on broil for all of 3 minutes to have toasts seems a little overkill.

And our most recent "Always something?" LUKE. Yes, that 4 legged creature is being a nuisance. Shortly after Easter he was letting himself out of the yard and all the gates were closed, latched, and locked (he knows how to unlatch a gate so we have to lock it and since he doesn't have opposable thumbs he hasn't figured that one out). Jason set up the video camera in the backyard to catch him in action to see what he was up to. Before we reviewed the video I happened to walk outside and notice that he wasn't in the yard so I called for him and he quickly came back into the yard the same way he went out.... Apparently the gap between our chain link fence and the neighbors wooden fence had gaped just enough for his skinny little body to weasel through. We breathed a sigh of relief because we were afraid he was jumping over the fence (we know he is capable) and that would mean fence repair/addition/re-do something, all of which sound like this to me $$$$$$$. So Jason quickly put a board and blocked off that 'escape path.' 3-5 days go by with Luke still in the yard, were thinking the escape artists has been contained.

THEN our next door neighbors come and tell us last weekend that Luke keeps coming over to visit them. GREAT..now what? We set up the video camera again and we found that he was CLIMBING the fence where we have the compost pile, then jumping on the compost and then out. He isn't getting out and being malicious or even doing anything fun, he was just going over to the neighbors to say hi and see if they will throw him a stick, but we can't be those neighbors with the roaming dog. So solution #2 was to block off the compost bin so that he couldn't climb it..well that lasted all of maybe a day before Luke just climbed the regular fence.

UGH...this quickly reminded me of when Luke was a puppy and we put up a lattice in the kitchen to keep him contained and he figured out how to climb that thing within minutes. Luckily we only have chain link across the back half of the fence so we are going to install a hot wire on the top of the fence and Luke is going to get a NICE surprise the next time he decides to go socialize with the neighbors.

Moving away from the "Always Somethings" Blythe and I did something a little different yesterday afternoon. Our friend Lauren scored some house tour tickets from her neighbor so we took the kids on a walk to see a house that was built in the 1800's. Although I am sure the kiddos didn't think the tour was as much fun as a park, Lauren and I really enjoyed it and the kiddos were very cooperative. Blythe of course wanted to climb on all the furniture and the home owner was a collector of porcelain dolls (you know how much Blythe loves dolls), but a good game of keep your hands folded and clap deterred her from the above actions. The house was lovely and it was fun to think of what life was like back in the day. The house was mainly preserved from its original contents and not modernized. I thought to myself 'this was a house with servants and cooks who would take care of all the "somethings." My favorite part of the house was the "breakfast nook." It was surrounded by windows that looked out over a beautiful green lawn and connected to a porch with big old wooden rocking chairs. I told Lauren that would be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner 'nook!'

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