The Makings of a Sandbox

All good days start out with a sufficient tooth brushing and hair combing!

The horrible quality and graininess of these pictures is the #1 reason for the new camera!

First step in creating the Sandbox is a trip to the hardware store to purchase lumber and gravel. Or, in toddler world, a trip to the amusement park complete with make-shift playgrounds consisting of wheels, metal bars to climb and swing on, and long hallways to run down!

Second step is to rake the grass and make sure you have a level surface:

Thirdly you need to set out your boards and dig your corner holes:

At 19 months Blythe has already learned how the construction world works; one works while the rest watch!

Fourth step is to screw your corner post into your side boards. This creates a mud pit and if you are as lucky as we are, you have a cutie who looks like this!

Next it's time to dump in the gravel, transforming the mud pit into a gravel pit. Baby is please with this new pit as well!

Ooops, ledge isn't quiet wide enough for baby to sit on...

This next step was certainly Blythe's least favorite. We needed to put a tarp over the gravel and poke holes in it for the drainage. Blythe did NOT understand why on earth we would deprive her of her gravel pit. Luckily Jason had one bag of sand left over from another project so we quickly put the tarp down and gave her some sand.

And because Jason thinks of everything, it's time to put ledges on the 4 corners for the mommies to sit and watch/play with the kiddos in the box.

And the final step is to invite friends over for dinner and fill up the sandbox with sand!

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