Weekend Fun

We attempted to start our weekend on Thursday when we ventured over to Ritz Camera to compare the Nikon and the Canon SLR's. Jason and I have been saving up for an SLR for a while now and we had narrowed our selection down to two. We thought we might have better luck at Ritz camera as far as knowledgeable employees than Best Buy. As it turns out Ritz Camera no longer sells Canon so we played around on the Nikon and asked about a bazillion questions until we decided to jump over to Best Buy so we could really compare the cameras. We lucked out and found a really knowledgeable guy in the camera department. After an hour + of examining the camera's, chasing Blythe around the store, asking a few questions, enticing her that it is in fact fun to play in the shopping cart, try the camera out once again, repeat baby entertainment as needed, we had made our decision. We decided on the Canon 50D, even went so far as to pick out the camera bag. Then came the let down, the sales man crouched down (I am sure silently thinking to himself, thank goodness these people have finally made a decision), turned the key to unlock the magical camera, and ..... OUT OF STOCK. Seriously?? If you know me at all making a decision like this is no small thing, this amount of money takes a LOT of pondering. And if you know Jason at all he examines everything from every possible angle so when I say we quizzed the salesmen, that is an understatement. So we hung our heads and left looking like 2 little kids who just left Toys R Us sans toys :(.

But on the upside it worked out for the better because the memory card prices at that place were ridiculously high, but in the moment we couldn't justify having a camera for 7-10 days without being able to save a picture as we waited for the memory card to arrive in the mail. We had big plans for blue bonnet pictures, but those will have to wait. I ended up finding the camera for about $60 cheaper ordering it online from SAMS and Jason found the memory card for $100 cheaper (bascially 16 GB for the price of the 4GB one)! So in the end the sad little kids that left Best Buy are very happy to save money and we are anxiously awaiting our package.


Our neighbors acquired 4 tickets to the Aggie vs. Baylor baseball game on Friday night and they graciously invited us to tag along. We tailgated in the parking lot and took Blythe to her first baseball game. Apparently our sadness of the camera overwhelmed us as we completely forgot to take the camera with us to the game, so we will have to have a first baseball game do-over with the new camera :). Blythe was most excellent at the game, as she normally is. There was a little girl sitting in front of us that wasn't quite as happy to just be as our little B was and we were once again reminded that it's not always this easy. Hopefully #2 isn't going to come into this world and prove that to us in a big way.


We celebrated Aunt Melinda's 50th birthday party and made a day trip to Waco. It was fun to see Loli and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa, in addition to the birthday girl and family or course :).

Blythe all jammied up and ready to get in the car to head back to Bryan. She was mighty comfy in Uncle Colin's arms.

Sunday's fun will have to wait until tomorrow because it's almost noon which means I need to shut down my computer and go get my little one!

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