The Arrival

As soon as the e-mail hit my inbox my heart raced in anticipation of what the tracking number would reveal. The date on when to expect the new camera and all the glorious pictures it would allow us to take. Jason put a note on the door instructing the FedEx people to deliver next door instead of to our house because we didn't want that new precious package sitting on our unattended front steps. When I arrived home with the girls I thought how nice it would be to run over to the neighbors real quick and see if the package had arrived, but the reality was that the littles were ready for a snack and they could care less about the arrival of the package. Just as I was slicing into the strawberries I heard a truck pull up, I looked out the window, and to my disappointment it was a Budget Rental Car truck and not a FedEx truck, but then I saw a women in a FedEx shirt get out with said package, apparently FedEx now drives Budget trucks. The package had arrived!!! But motherly duties called first and I had 2 kiddos to get fed, diapers changed, a park bag to pack, and a park date to make. So I quickly dug through the package to find the battery and the charger knowing good and well that the battery probably needed to be fully charged prior to use. I would have to wait till the evening to give the camera it's first test run.

We had rain in the forecast for DAYS and yet it wasn't raining so I had given up on the weather man and decided we were going to go to the park and if the rain joined us, so be it. We got to enjoy about 50 minutes at the park before the rain set in, well actually it poured for all of 2 minutes, just long enough for me to scoop up Maddie and get Blythe to run to the car, all arriving soaked and then the sun shining right as I finish snapping everyone in....go figure. But it was close to 5pm and Bestbuy is right next to Jennifer's office so we called Jason and told him to meet us at Best Buy so we could purchase a camera bag and a few accessories after dropping Maddie off.
Our wetbags are slowly deteriorating and I have had 'make new large wet bags' on my to do list for quite some time now so I took the opportunity to have Jason go home with Blythe while I swung by the fabric store to pick out new wetbag fabric (I ordered the interior fabric, oh at least a month ago).

When I arrived home Jason had the camera battery loaded and was waiting for me to take the first picture. Of course I hadn't read even 2 words in the manual so I took a few (o.k. a LOT) of pictures on random settings just for the fun of it. WOW that camera can take a lot of pictures REALLY quick. I am pretty sure about 90% of the pictures we took that first evening need to visit the 'recycle bin' on the computer, but we did get a few cute ones despite the overcast weather.

She LOVES bubbles!

Spring Party!

On Friday Marcy braved hosting a spring party including painting pots and shirts!

look at my little artist starring so intently at her work!

After Painting and Lunch Blythe retreated inside to play dress up. Apparently this is what you get when you ask Blythe to smile. I Got the 'real' smile on the 3rd try:

Can you believe it, 3 super crisp and delicious pictures taken inside!

Friday Afternoon photo shoot:

As much fun as it was to paint a pot and a shirt, it was SO much more fun to do body paint, according to Blythe!

Saturday's Scores:

On Saturday morning Lauren and I headed out early to see if there were any good steals at a local kids consignment sale. Lauren scored some great outfits for Oslo and I fortunately didn't see anything for Blythe that I couldn't live without (she already has plenty of summer clothes). We were only gone for about an hour so there was still time to hit up garage sales with Jason. I scored some hangers for baby #2, a really cute church dress for $2.50, a pair of green heels for $2 (both of which I debut on Sunday), and a pair of flip flops for $1! Jason got a pair of camo pants for $1 a bow, like bow and arrow, for Blythe to grow into, and Blythe got a couple of free necklaces for being so cute. When I showed Blythe the bow that Dada got her she just looked at me like I was crazy because she knows that bows go in your hair and they look NOTHING like the object I was showing her.

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