Baby W #2????

Many of you are wondering when #2 will make his/her grand arrival and we are as clueless as you are. When I was pregnant with Blythe I told myself that I would be late so I didn't have any preconceived expectations. This time around I figured I would deliver right around the due date just like with Blythe. I actually put my 'bet' on today, but only because Blythe was born on the 27th. Blythe lucked out and #2 decided that they should get to have their own day. For all of you who are wondering just what leaf is unturned or what ball of dust hasn't been vacuumed that is keeping #2 in there, your guess is as good as mine. As of this evening all the sewing projects are wrapped up, Jason found the 'missing' cradle sheets, and the house has been cleaned from top to bottom. As of now I officially feel like a ticking time bomb. With every Braxton Hicks contractions (which comes pretty frequently) I find myself asking 'was that different?' Oh and calling people right now, forget it everyone that sees your name pop up on the phone automatically assumes that you are calling with baby news so Jason's and I's phone calls start with "no baby yet, I was calling because...."

Do any of you know anyone who went into labor during the day? I don't know a single person so when I wake up in the morning and I am not in labor I just assume I have another day. Everyone I know either went into labor in the late night hours or the early morning hours each being woken up by contractions, but I can't imagine it always happens like that. Jason asked me today at mass if I would be embarrassed if my water broke during mass and my response was "if it just started leaking I think I could get out of there quick enough for no one to notice, but yes if it just broke and there was a flood gate of amniotic fluid YES I would be embarrassed, but who wouldn't?"

I am tired this evening and feel like I should probably listen to my body and scoot off to bed in case it is trying to tell me that my sleep might be limited. So good night everyone, we will keep you posted on the arrival of #2!

P.S. Happy 22 month birthday to Blythe


  1. I went into labor with both of my kids during the day. Hang in there and enjoy these last days with Blythe!

  2. I think my sister went into labor during the day and had her baby later that night, the last go around...