Mall Wednesday

Today we opted for a cooler environment for our morning play date with friends. We went to the mall and played on the mall playground. Well that was the game plan, but I quickly learned that the airplane, ice cream truck, race car, and jeep, were much more entertaining. Luckily the other kiddos agreed that playing on the cars was a lot of fun and none of us mom's felt any need to actually feed the cars our precious quarters so the kiddos had no idea that they weren't experiencing all the cars had to offer.

This afternoon we had my 39 week check-up and according to the doctor I am "as ripe as one can be without being in labor." He bet us a 6 pack of Dr. Pepper that we wouldn't make it to my next appointment (next Wed.) and told us that he is on call this weekend. Predictions like this really play mind games with you. On one hand I feel a sense of urgency to do the packing, last minute sewing projects, get the bassinet ready, etc. On the other hand I feel like because of this prediction I will inevitably make it to my next appointment and then possibly past my due date. No rush baby W#2 we are ready when you are :)

Although I have been to this OB/GYN office numerous times I never stopped to notice that the OB/GYN office shares with Geriatrics. It got me wondering if this was just coincidence or if they purposely put the beginning of life with the end of life. HUM..something to ponder...

We concluded our Wednesday with dinner at the Hartl's with the Romansky's. Just your typical Bradley group/commune get together! I think the toddlers are really catching on to the commune idea as they all sat on the ground and ate dinner out of a single serving dish. We concluded the night with the thought that this would probably be our last get together with just 5 kiddos instead of 6. Jason and I were the last ones to deliver with the first round of babies and we are in the same boat this time.

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