Today is my last physical day of work! WHOO HOO. For those of you who know anything about my workplace in the last 4.5 years you know that this is a long time coming and the end is SO near I can taste it. 4 more hours! You will hear me rocking out to Free Falling all day today. There is another song that comes to mind (if you know me, you know I butcher lyrics), but I can't find it. It (potentially) goes 'Freedom, Freedom, let me hear you say, Freedom, Freedom...and the Freedom continues to escalate. If you know what song that is shoot me a comment so I can get it playin!

This morning it was so great to know that this was the LAST morning I had to tell Blythe that mommy was going to work. She is so great about me leaving, but I love not having to tell her that anymore! Of course mommy is still going to go bye bye on occasion, but not every morning like clock work. I am looking forward to our last few days, maybe weeks, together. I am hoping I feel a surge of energy now that work is behind me so I can really live it up with her. Take lots of pictures, breath in her beautiful blond locks, study her pretty toes, have conversations with her, and enjoy all her loveliness. Not that I won't be able to enjoy it after #2, it will just be different.

I am just bubbling over with excitement at the thought of being a FULL TIME STAY AT HOME MOM!!

****Yes, I realize this next part is not really fitting for this post, but I keep forgetting to document it and it's well worth documenting!

Apparently I must tell Blythe o.k. a lot because she has recently picked up on it and it is SO cute. She even says it for you, "mommy color this, o.k." like she knows I am going to say o.k. so why wait for my response when she can just say it for me!

Also, forget phrases we have moved into full sentences! This little takling wonder will have you smiling and laughing in no time, whether its how she sternly she tells her babies to "SIT DOWN," or the way she says "Teble" for table or how she so delicately bosses you around "mommy, sit here, right here." She has even figured out phrases like "help me," "Blythe help you," using the me and you and I correctly. Oh this little smarty pants how ever will I keep up with you?

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  1. There will never be a wonderful time in your life than what you are experiencing now....days will speed up and nights may slow you down, but enjoy each and every minute....I love reading all of your exploits....Blythe is such a dear and little one will be too....