23 Week Appointment

We all started out this morning pretty exhausted from all the festivities of the weekend. I typically make a meal plan during work on Monday's but didn't have the energy to really think about all that and read through recipes, so instead this week will consist of some of our staples/favorites: Quiche, steak, hamburgers, baked chicken. Luckily Monday is a short work day (ends at noon) and I was very hopefully that Maddie and Blythe would be on the same nap schedule because I needed a few extra Zzz's myself.

By the time I picked up Maddie and Blythe and got them home for lunch we were pushing 1:30pm which is late for Blythe, but it was right on time for Maddie. The house was quiet for all of 30 minutes and then I heard Maddie. I debated in my head, do I go in there and get her so she doesn't wake Blythe up or do I give her a few minutes because 30 minutes is NOT a long enough nap. I decided that I would go in there and at least try to give her a paci so she wouldn't wake Blythe up. When I went in there I realized that she had woken up to poop so I quickly changed her diaper and she was all but falling asleep during her diaper change so I put her back to bed. It took her a few minutes to fall back asleep and sure enough it was just enough to wake Blythe up. I knew that Blythe needed more than a 45 minute nap so I went into her room laid her down and said "it's still night night time." To which she whimpered, but quickly laid back down for me to cover her up. I didn't from anyone else until 3:20 which was great because I think I actually fell asleep for a little bit.

I was planning out when we needed to start loading for what I thought was a 4:20 doctors appointment when I realized that my appointment was actually at 4:00 and we really should be pulling out of the driveway at 3:45. I quickly thew a few snacks together knowing I would need 'entertainment/snacks' during the appointment, got Maddie out of bed and both the girls into the car. Needless to say we did not pull out of the driveway till 3:52. I called Jason to remind him of the appointment and told him to go ahead and check in for me because I would be 5ish minutes late.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous I was going to go above the 4 pounds between the last appointment and this one. I feel like my belly has gotten a lot bigger and we did a lot of eating this weekend at the wedding. BUT I have gained exactly 4 pounds since my last visit bringing my total weight gain to 7 pounds. If I keep on this track I will end up right at a total weight gain of 23 pounds which is how much I gained with Blythe, time will tell.

I am measuring 22.5 centimeters which is 1 centimeter off from the total number of weeks (in general your measurement should equal your # of weeks), but I was consistently 1 centimeter off with Blythe and the doctor says that's just fine because I am petite. So far so good, I will keep on cooking this precious little one :).

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