The House Things

Today was a long work day for me, meaning I work till 2pm instead of noon. Our park partners in crime weren't available this afternoon and I had told myself I HAD to make the Quiche I had been planning to make since Monday. The prep time isn't long, but it has to cook for an hour so I needed to have it made and in the oven by 5.

We got back to the house around 2:45, took the diapers off the line, and come inside. I opened the windows and turned on some tunes so we could feel like we were enjoying the weather. After a good snack both girls happily played while I did the dinner prep and then I came up with an excuse for some outdoor time. It has been just sunny and rainy enough for the grass and weeds (o.k. mainly weeds) to start to turn from their winter brown to their summer green, which means that mowing is on the agenda for this weekend, but it also means I wanted to pull those weeds before I mow over them and scatter them further.

I think I made it all of 3 minute before I lost a glove. Luckily I was able to convince Blythe that there was 1 glove for mommy and 1 glove for Blythe. I'm pretty sure she pulled up more grass than weeds, but hey its the thought that counts, right?

Have a Good Night

P.S. Today Blythe pooped in the potty :)

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