Bunnies, Eggs, and Friends

Ian, Mike, and Baby Anna came over this afternoon for an afternoon of crafts. We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and do our crafts outside.

Paper Plate Bunnies:

Blythe's Bunny

Mike's Bunny

Ian's Bunny

As you can tell, Michael was certainly the artist of the group. Blythe was more interested in taking the marker tops on and off and Ian thought it would be more fun for mommy to write "ABC's" than to decorate the bunny himself. It is so fun to see their little personalities in action.

After our paper plate bunnies it was time to see what kind of mess we could make with egg dying. Note: eggs dye better with vinegar and warm/hot water, but I forgot about the vinegar and hot water isn't exactly toddler friendly. So the pink dye was pretty much the only one that adhered to the eggs:

Apparently Blythe has spent too much time in the kitchen with mom as she thinks eggs have one purpose:

She was a little perplexed as to why they weren't runny

ah man, I cracked them all, now what?

Look mom I separated the yolk from the egg white

We ended the day with story time by Mr. Romansky:

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