Weekend Round-Up

Remember when Blythe was little and she had a shoe obsession? Luckily she has grown out of her 'eat shoes' obsession, but she is still in love with her shoes. Who doesn't love to squeezed their footed pajamas into a nice pair of boots? I take it as a compliment that Blythe decided to dress up for Mommy's home-made biscuits.

Blythe spends a lot of time working on being able to get her shoes on all by herself. She will literally entertain herself for 45 minutes+ and occasionally she has success and gets one on, but more frequently she will get frustrated and say "help."

And at the end of a hard days work with those shoes, its time to curl up on the couch with her babies and read them a book:


Saturday morning we took a trip to Producers to pick out our seedlings for the garden. Blythe was more interested in the saddles than the seedlings.

Saturday was absolutely GORGEOUS..Sunny, Sunny skies, high of 77, picture perfect if you ask me :). You know its a good day when you can get all your laundry washed and hung on the line in time to get dried by the sun. Yes line drying clothes makes them a bit crisp and can even make jeans feel a bit like sand paper for the first 5 minutes or so, but there's just something so simple and lovely about drying clothes on the line. Not to mention the cost savings and the wonderful sunny, line dried scent. And to have a cuttle little one in retro overalls that you once wore and wide brimmed hat to help you hang the clothes, well that's just icing on the cake. We are enjoying the small things.

And what does baby do once the sun has gone down and all those clothes are crisp and dry? Why try on mommy and daddy's undies of course. No joke, she got these on ALL by herself. Yes, both legs are in the same hole, but hey everyone starts somewhere.

And What does Momo do when said undies just won't say up on their own? She finds a solution of course.


The last time I was in the grocery store and came across cinnamon rolls I thought to myself $2.50 for 5 cinnamon rolls, they have got to be cheaper and better to make from scratch. So I purchased yeast and set out to make some oh so delicious home made cinnamon rolls. My quest started on Saturday early evening when I made white bread dough. All was going well until I didn't listen to the "gradually" part. I figured, hey the recipe calls for 6.5 cups of flour so I must need to use all 6.5 cups of flour. I guess that isn't an exact science or maybe it works out better if you 'gradually add it and work it into the dough.' I quickly realized that I was going to need more water and so for the next 45 minutes or so I kneed that bread, adding small amount of water until consistency was 'elastic and bubbly.' Now it was time for the dough to rise and double in size.

After all the work of making the dough the $2.50 wasn't looking so bad anymore, but on Sunday morning after making the frosting and enjoying this tasty home made treat, lets just say that $2.50 from the can cinnamon roll was NOTHING compared to these beauties.

Sunday was another beautiful day so we decided to plant our seedling and enjoy a picnic by the garden after all our hard work.

And to complete our perfect Sunday? PARK TIME

Remember me pushing Maddie up the tunnel and pulling Oslo with the other hand? This was a different tunnel, but similar problem. The incline was just too much for this 18 month old body.

Luckily this time there was 1 baby and 2 adults, instead of 2 babies and 1 adult.

Sweet success!

I turned to Jason and said "Can you believe how big she is? Look at her walk and run and climb up those stairs and slide down the slides all by herself. It's pretty amazing how far she has come in 18 months." He turned to me with a big grin on his face and said "yep, she's pretty amazing."

O.K. so sometimes when we slide by ourselves we go so fast that we get thrown off the end of the slide, but the good news is that she thinks its hilarious and gets up and does it again!

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