Maddie and Oslo

Our afternoons have been a little sweeter since mid February when we started watching Maddie Cabezes. Precious Maddie is my best friend from College's little 11 month old sweetheart. Jennifer recently landed an awesome full time job, but sadly had to leave her job as a stay at home mom. Blythe and I are happy to have little Maddie playing with us in the afternoons. This is great practice for both Blythe and I. Blythe gets a little practice of mommy's attention being divided and hearing "Blythe your a big girl so I need you to walk, Maddie can't walk so mommy needs to carry her." It also gives me practice at juggling 2 babies at different stages of life. Yes, I had tons of practice doing the 'twin'' thing when I watched our buddy Ian for the first year of his and Blythe's life, but this is different. It's funny how quickly you forget all the different ages and stages. The spread of 7 months 18-11 doesn't sound all that large, yet SO much happens in those short 7 months and its beautiful to see how much Blythe has grown and learned and yet it is equally as beautiful to see Maddie in this stage and know all the wonderful things she is doing and what is just on the horizon.

Oslo, this is a name you will hear A LOT at our house these days. Oslo is Blythe's best buddies these days which is great because he is a great kiddo and has great parents. It is total fate that we ever got to know the Winds. One afternoon just after Blythe started walking we went on a bike ride and happened upon a beautiful little park with a Gazebo and decided to stop and play/take pictures with Blythe. Not too long after we arrived a little boy and his dad turned into the park and Jason immediately introduced himself. At the time Oslo had another little girl friend who was a ferocious hugger so he wasn't very interested in interacting with Blythe, but oh how that has changed. Long story short, that introduction at the park has lead to a great friendship between Lauren and I and now Blythe is blessed to spend her mornings with Lauren and Oslo. They have a great group of friends that get together for learning play dates M-TH mornings. So not only is Blythe having a great time with Oslo and Lauren she also has other play date friends, letter of the week, activities, the works. Each morning after breakfast and when I mention its time to get dressed she looks up at me with excited, anticipating eyes and says "Oslo's?" Most mornings I say "yes, we have to get dressed so we can go to Oslo's," but there are 3 days a week when I have to say "no sweetheart, its not an Oslo day." I try to pretend she doesn't look disappointed and is just as happy to spend the day with me, but she truly adores him. I can't honestly say that I would want it any other way though. Since I can't stay home with her full time it is such a good feeling to know that she wants to go play because kids don't fake emotions so I know she has a great time over there and I would be lying if I didn't confess that I love it over there too!

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