LOVING the Warmth

So a few days ago I was complaining about the cold, cold winter we have had and how I was SO ready to be done with the winter and bring on the sunshine, sweaty days. Well, today my wish was granted. I turned on the news this morning to see that the high was.......75!!!!! WHOO HOO I knew it was going to be a great day. Not only was the high 75, but Blythe, for the first time in several weeks, slept from 8:30-6:30(she has been doing a 'tester' at 5:30am where we have to go into her room, lay her back down, and tell her its still night night time and I rarely actually fell back asleep before my alarm went off at 6:30).

Blythe and I were both feeling refreshed and recovered from the weekend. We did our typical Blythe and mommy routine of breakfast, getting dressed, and walking out the door all with at least 6-7 "Oslo's" in between. Yes sweetheart, today is an Oslo day.

Although the high was 75 it was still chilly in the morning (56), but I was already thinking about the warm, warm weather and what all we could do this afternoon just basking in the sun.

Of course I had to work from 8-2, which certainly wasn't the highlight of the day, and I even jumped the gun around 10am and opened the windows in hopes of feeling a warm breeze, but quickly finding out it was not warm breeze time.

But when I stepped out of the office at 1:55 (yes, I cheated and just had leave early) I was hit by the warm air, oh how much I have missed you. I climbed into the car, cranked up the radio, unrolled all the windows and jammed out on my way to pick-up Maddie. And in the 3 songs it takes to get to Crissy's house I sang along, out loud, with no one to care that I can't carry a tune. I didn't think twice about the fact that my hair was down and blowing every which way and would probably be a tangled mess upon arrival. It was HOT, and SUNNY, and I was going to love every minute of it. I knew that 'my music' would be short lived once I picked up the girls since they would want their music, but let me tell you I am perfectly capable of jamming out to The Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's, Sally and the Camel, etc.

While I was at work I decided to do a little park research to see if I could find a hidden treasure for our afternoon adventure and I did. I found Cherry park which looked like a big, fun park to try out. I got google directions and I was ready to test it out. When I arrived and Lauren and Oslo's they were game for trying out the new park with us.

Even though I somehow googled directions to a completely different park, no idea how I did that, and we ended up at a lame, way in the wrong direction park, that was not going to rain on my GREAT day. We simply called Jason, got the correct directions and just told the kids it was 'progressive park day!'

We eventually arrived at Cherry park and it looked just like the pictures! Unfortunately, since we went straight from Lauren's to the park I didn't have my camera, but we will certainly go back and take lots of pictures. There were 5 slides, swings, things to climb on, and of course the most important part...ROCKS. I have to admit that this park is probably geared towards slightly older kiddos, but needing mommy assistance just makes it that much sweeter. You should have seen me in action. There was a tunnel on an incline to get to the "big blue slide," which of course we had to try, and the kiddos couldn't climb up themselves so I had Maddie sitting down in front of me and pushing her up (no room for me to climb in the tunnel and hold her) while giving Oslo a hand, talent I tell you, sheer mommy talent. Once we finally got to the enticing blue slide Oslo decided it was a little too high for his comfort level, but at this point it was either
A) go back down the tunnel
B) Go down a poll (o.k. I don't think I am THAT good, at least not with 2 kids)
C) Climb down an apparatus that even I would want 2 hands to climb down.
So I decided, I got this, I can slide down the slide with 2 kiddos. So I sat Maddie directly in front of me and then Oslo in front of her, one hand for each kid, 2 feet to reduce speed and away we went. All had fun and all had static electricity, hair sticking straight up, by the time we got to the bottom. And the best part "Wee....MORE." And so it went and we all had SO much fun.

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