Spring Break

Friends and Parks

The University was closed on Thursday and Friday so I got to have an extra long weekend with my little and her friends of course. We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, fast slides, swings, and playing babies with Oslo.

Little Maddie exploring the rocks. You have to keep a very watchful eye to make sure none of those little rocks jump into her mouth.

We have learned that all this park play time has turned Blythe into a 'curtain climber' (according to Mamo, good thing we aren't curtain people and don't have any). Blythe is able to climb just about everything in our house. She figured out she can put one foot on the kitchen chair cross bar and hoist her other leg up and onto the chair. Of course once she figured out how to pull herself onto the chair she has also learned how to climb onto the table, counter, or any other object within arms distance. I do have to give Blythe credit for cleverness. I have told her numerous times that she cannot climb onto the table because the table is for "hands and food only." Well since I normally tell her no legs on the table she figured out how to do the inch worm (she first pulls her tummy and then wiggles the rest of her body onto the table) and then proclaims "hey I got here without using my legs." Nice try baby, but your legs are still on the table...10 points for creativity and cleverness though :).

Waco Zoo

Someone was a little eager to get to the zoo!

Grandma and Grandpa Behren's met us at the zoo for a picnic and Grandma baked delicious cookies for Blythe and all her friends. Thanks Grandma :)

As if all the animals at the zoo aren't enough entertainment there was a slide where you could slide through the otter tank. Blythe wanted "more, more."
Once with Mommy
And once with daddy

Blythe enjoyed the large animals the most (I think that's because those were the ones she was able to see), especially if they were moving. We enjoyed all the animals, but the 'munkey' was our favorite.
I know, all of these are SO similar, but I just couldn't pick a favorite.

At the end of an exhausting day at the zoo everyone needs a friend to tote them around, thanks Mike!

At some point during the break our little cutie decided she liked hats and that everyone should wear them. I agree, I do LOVE her in hats.

I know, your laughing, but when she brings you a hat and says "hat" and pats her head, are you going to tell her no or that it's too small??? This momma isn't going to.

Baking, Baking, and more Baking

It was time for cinnamon roll attempt #2. This time I decided to try out the dough hook that came with the Kitchen Aid mixer. Note to everyone: WOW..this thing really works, I mean it's magical. I put in the wet ingredients and then gradually (remember I didn't do that well the first time) added in the flour. The mixer did an amazing job, as in there was no hand kneading work left to do. Beat the heck out of kneading and adding a little more water, repeat, for 45+ minutes like with the first batch. Within minutes this dough was elastic and sticky just like the directions said it should be. Oh and an added bonus, it was warm and it just looked OH so perfect :).

We decided to make just half of it into a cinnamon roll and the other half into regular rolls (we will have the regular rolls tomorow night so stay tuned). We ate up the cinnamon rolls the next morning and they were a lot less dense than the first batch and tasted divine!
After using the kitchen aid mixer I can proudly say that I will not be purchasing the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, $2.50 for 5 anymore! Homemade cinnamon rolls taste TONS better and if you have a mixer with a dough hook they are not very challenging to make. Of course you do have to plan ahead since you have to let the dough rise, but hey we all know I am a planner.
After the GREAT success with cinnamon rolls part 2 I decided we should make some homemade pizza crust and have vegetarian pizza for our no meat Friday dinner. The pizza crust turned out equally as tasty, so much so that mom and Jason insisted that we have pizza again Saturday night because they just didn't get enough.
Even if all the homemade dough tasted bad, having fun in the kitchen with this little lovely would make it all worth it!

Sunday is a day of rest, and resting we did. We napped, finished up the Easter banner, and ate popcorn. I love my little family.

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