Living Room Camp-Out

Last night was one of those awful nights where you wake up to a loud scream at midnight. You wait for a few minutes in hopes that it was just a bad dream or a random cry out and that you won't really have to get out of bed. After about 3 minutes you realize that even though you have only been in bed for 3 hours, its time to be super mom again.

I went into Blythe's room and she was still laying down, but crying so I moved on to plan B, which was to rub her back for a few minutes in hope that she would settle back down and we would both only lose a few minutes of sleep. Well a few minutes came and went and then I walked out of the room and well she wasn't exactly o.k. with that.

O.K. plan C - take her out of the crib and rock with her for a little bit to comfort her, she didn't like plan C.

On the plan D which I know NEVER works, but yet I decide to try it again. I bring her to bed with me and she wants to sleep on my chest. She settles down for 15 minutes or so and then cries out a little bit, tosses and turns, and then settles down for another 20 minutes. I know that I won't sleep if she is in the bed so since she has been content and quiet for a while I decide to try and put her back into her crib...IMMEDIATE screaming.

Plan E - last resort, make a pallet on the floor so that I don't have to worry about her falling off the bed and maybe one of us will sleep. Oh and time for some Tylenol because clearly those bottom I-teeth are trying to make their debut. No fever, no signs of being sick, just pain. So Blythe and I nestled into our not so comfy pallet on the floor. Blythe was content to be sleeping as long as she was either laying on me or laying on my arm. Which is always fine for the first 10-15 minutes, but then you get an itch to move or shift or you get brave and think that you can slowly ease your arm out from underneath her...WRONG. After trying the slow arm removal I was reminded of a Friends episode where Joey talks about wishing he could chew his arm off and then roll over without any consequences. Even though it was 2am by now and I was exhausted and my 26 week pregnant body wasn't exactly thrilled to be camping out on the living room floor there is also a sweet state of mommy bliss knowing that your little one just wants you and wants you close. So I laid with her the way she wanted me too and breathed in her fine little hair and freshly bathed body.

Jason came home at 2:30 and we got to do a shift change. He was able to successfully nestle in with Blythe on the day bed and I was able to return to our bed, mattress and ALL!


Blythe is talking up a storm these days. The other day we had this conversation and I think it was pretty funny.

[Blythe hands me a link and tells me its broke. Clearly it must be broke since it is not a complete circle.]

Blythe: mamma it broke
Me: Blythe, that's not broke it's a link
Blythe: [licks the link and gives me a funny look]
Me: no, no, Blythe, not lick, LINK, see it can connect to another piece
Blythe: momma lick [and hands it to me to lick], and fix it, it broke

[At this point I decide that link and lick sound too much alike so I concede, we can learn the difference between lick and link another day :)]

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  1. There are so funny when they start talking! There will be many more funny conversation between the two of you! :)