A not so ordinary Monday

Mamo is in town this week and Maddie's grandparents are in town Monday and Tuesday so our Monday routine was a little different. Blythe still joined her friends for her Monday morning playdate, but she got to take Mamo with her. Since Maddie was with her gandparents this afternoon Blythe had Mommy and Mamo to herslef. We suspect tomorrow afternoon will be grey and rainy so we had to hit up the park. Of course we meet up with our parkner in crime.

Oslo and Blythe

One of Blythe's favorite words is Apple, pronounced "AApple." The problem is that she doesn't really like to eat apples, but she likes the idea of eating an apple. Espcially when Mrs. Lauren helps her get it started. She typically bits off a small piece and then spits it out, repeat. Oh well, maybe she is enjoying some of the sweet apple juices in the process.

If it's not babies, it's shoes

Trying on Momma's rainboots

And walking in Dada's shoes

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