Determined and Persistent

I have never seen another toddler so determined. Whether its putting shoes on or off or buckling a car seat, if she decides she wants to do it, my golly, she is going to do it. Even if she has to stay at it for 45+ minutes. Heck, I know moms of toddlers that wish their toddler was occupied by something for 5 minutes, let alone a boring pair of shoes or a snap for 45.

She has mastered the art of taking her shoes off and pretty much mastered the art of putting her shoes on. Thanks to the 'sparkle,' 5 sized too big, shoes that Marcy sent home with us. She can get those on really well and she has gotten better at putting on her correct sized shoes as well. Of course now that she has mastered the shoes she is moving on the shirts and pants, watch out world this girl might be naked most of the summer :).

Yesterdays major determination project was buckling the car seat. When we returned home from the park she was not ready to get out of the car so I let her play in the car, windows unrolled and I was within ear shot, while I got dinner going. I went out there ever 5 minutes and asked her if she was ready to get out and she said "door, close." Clearly I was not welcome in there.

She got the top buckle, but were still working on the bottom one. As you can see from the pictures above she did give up on the bottom buckle and ventured into the front seat. I have no idea how she climbed up to the front since there is virtually no room between her seat and the bead rests, but then again she is a 'curtain climber.'

P.S. the homemade rolls, just in case you were wondering, were awesomely delicious!

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  1. Moooommmm!! I NEED my privacy!! I love how she uses her head to support herself against the carseat while she figures it out. :)