Can I get some Summer Weather?

We have had an unseasonably cold, cold Texas winter. I am NOT a winter person and I am SO ready for tank tops, shorts, and pitting out 2 seconds after you walk outside (yes, I said pitting out). I feel like the days when we see the sun are so few and far between. I have had to use my dryer for diapers/clothes a lot more lately than I like to admit. I want to take the girls on a picnic, to the park, and in the water. I am so desperate for any sign of summer/warmer weather that I get a little crazy when it is just slightly warmer (65) and I see the sun. Yesterday was a beautiful day, compared the what we have had, and even at 65 degrees it was still chilly if you weren't standing in the sunshine, but I was determined to make it warmer than it was. While Blythe and I waited for Maddie to wake-up from her nap we made Country Time Lemonade, it made it feel just a little warmer outside. Then we packed up and headed to the park (sadly I forgot the camera).

Public child/adult etiquette?
On Tuesday we went to the children's museum and we were interrupted by a 6 or so year old in our 2 and only under please room. She was clearly not being supervised and was rather aggressive towards the other youngers in the room. That got me thinking, where is the line between minding your own business and sticking up for your kid? After seeing her push one of the 'legit' kids (2 and under) I decided that if she pushed/scratched, etc. Ian, Maddie, or Blythe, I was going to politely remind her care giver that this was the 2 and under section. Luckily she got bored and moved on so no confrontation needed.

Yesterday while we were at the park we were sitting down and having a snack when another little girl came up and wanted some too, naturally. I have no problem sharing our snack, I just prefer to hand it to the little girl instead of letting her put her hands into our snack container. I looked around for her mom because I would want a stranger to make some sort of gesture to me before giving my child something to eat. I didn't readily see her mom and it was either 'give me some Cheerios or I will take them for myself,' so I handed over some cheerios. She kept coming back and I was thinking "where is this girls mom/caregiver, we need some regulation over here." That's when I spotted her sitting over on a bench on her blackberry. I don't have a blackberry and I don't even text on my phone, but if I ever chose to hang out on my phone instead of interacting with my child at the park, please call me out on it, that's not the parent I want to be.

Jason cleaned, cleaned my car for me yesterday. We are talking inside and out, even conditioned the leather. It looks nice and sharp. Of course I know he really cleaned it because we will be traveling to Austin this weekend for his brothers wedding and he wanted it to look sharp, but I will pretend it was for me.

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